What do we mean by ‘orthotics’? Orthotics and insoles are a method of treatment that acts on your feet in order to solve body pain. 


Focusing on this one part of your body could have such an incredible impact on the rest – orthotics can be extremely useful to misalignment, unbalanced muscle work and joint pain. 


Removable and custom made to your requirements, orthotics literally start from the ground up. They have a direct impact on your lower back and neck by providing you with a more upright posture and better overall balance. In terms of your lower body, well fitted insoles support, align, engage and keep key areas such as ankles, knees and pelvis on track when standing or exercising. 

In our Clinic / Workshop, each patient is unique. Even the left and right in each pair of orthotics are different, moulded layer by layer for an accurate and comfortable fit. To do this I use flexible thermo-mouldable resins and foams, which quickly set and are ready to wear at the end of your 90-minute appointment. This is a different approach to most other orthotics providers because they’re made in person using the patient’s actual foot – rather than a cast that’s then sent off to a technician. Not only that but you can wear our insoles from day one, rather than having to switch them in and out in order to break the hard material in.


After 7 to 10 days of normal wear, you’ll notice your insoles have fully bedded in and offer a snug yet flexible fit. Making you more comfortable overall.